#28: Contingency Recruitment Services


I received a call today requesting our "contingency" recruitment services. The company's staffing team was having difficulty in identifying top talent to their organization. The positions were VP level. I asked how many firms they had working it and was told our firm was the 4th of 5 that they were giving the search to. I declined the search immediately.

As a hybrid search firm, one that works retained and contingency, I understand the financial burden of paying retained fees. I do believe in hiring a solid contingency firm on exclusivity that meets your needs and expectations. But to give the job to 5 firms' means at the end of the day, maybe 1 will stay the course. The rest will call and speak to folks and find they were the 3rd recruiter to call them and they will drop off the search.

You should, from the beginning, go with a trusted recruiting partner who is going to stay the course and provide you with the results you need. Educate yourself about the search industry before you choose a search firm. Ask yourself the # 1 question: "How do I want my company to be represented when trying to identify top talent?"

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