#24: The Gatekeeper

Human Resources is a vital department within organization's and more so Talent Acquisition. Talent is what drives the success of the organization. Too many times though inside recruiters sabotage the introduction of top talent. It amazes me that it is done when an outside firm is hired to screen and present what the client is searching for.

A recent true story. A very qualified candidate was the first candidate presented and phone screened by HR because the hiring manager was traveling. HR did not feel they had the right skill set. We were to keep this candidate in the "warm" category until we interviewed 6 more candidates that all went face-to-face. Three (3) months later HR came back and said "I swallowed my pride" and submitted the candidate's cv and we would like to interview.

Long story short the candidate was more than well received by the hiring manger and team. Pride? Pride and EGO should not be a deciding factor in evaluating talent acquisition. Let the external recruiter's do their job; respect their recommendations.