#5: The 6 Steps to a Successful Interview

First, you must know yourself. You must recognize your career goals and know what experience you would like to gain in your next assignment. You should know your key strengths and weaknesses.

Second, you need to "package your positives." Prepare a list of major accomplishments. Prepare examples or your work to demonstrate your achievements.

Third, "package your negatives." Don't dwell on former failures. Acknowledge them and indicate that you have learned from the experience.

Fourth, learn as much about the job opportunity as possible.

Fifth, prepare a list of standard interviewing questions. Be ready to ask them at the appropriate time during the interview and be sure to listen carefully to the answers.

Sixth, have a well-prepared briefcase or notebook. Carry it in the left hand so that you are prepared to shake hands with the right hand without shuffling. Include at least 3 copies of your resume along with a complete reference list.