#143: Honesty is the Best Policy

If you are thinking of adding a little white lie to your resume, think again. According to a survey done by TopResume, 97 percent of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals admitted that discovering a resume lie would cause them to reconsider an applicant’s candidacy, or outright dismiss it. The top resume lie found: lying about your academic degree.

#140: Consider Leaving Irrelevant Work Experience Off Your Resume

To many job seekers, a resume is little more than a comprehensive list of work experience. However, just because it is work experience does not necessarily mean it belongs on your resume.

If you are applying for your first job, add as much work experience as you possibly can, it will show determination and work ethic. Though, if you are applying for a professional job…

#130: Focus on Your Accomplishments

If you are applying for a position as a nurse or as a sales manager, we all have a basic understanding of your job description. Sending in a resume with a generic list of nursing or sales responsibilities isn’t going to make you stand out. Why are you the perfect nurse? What makes you different from the other 200 sales managers applying for the position? The answer is simple: accomplishments.

#128: Elements of a Strong CV

To grab the reader’s attention, start with a profile or personal statement. Make sure to include qualifications, achievements and placement experience. It is also a good idea to follow your statement with a core skills section. This will create a snapshot of your skills, which can be seen at the top or your resume.