Pfizer and Bain Capital form new Biotech

Pfizer and Bain Capital have teamed up to form a new biotech, Cerevel Theracpeutics. The company will focus on development drug candidates to treat disorders of the central nervous system. Prizer is contributing a portfolio of pre-commercial neuroscience assets and Bain Capital is providing #350 million in capital.

Cerevel will start with a pipeline led by PF-06649751, a dopamine 1 partial agonist for Parkinson’s that is due to start a phase 3 study next year and is intended to use remote patient-monitoring technology provided by IBM.

Following after are two phase 2-ready programs, including GABA 2/3 antagonist PF-06372865 for epilepsy and an M4 positive allosteric modulator that Cerevel.

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