Ask The Recruiter

What is the best time to look for a new job?

The best time to look for a new job is when one is employed. The timing to secure a new position can take weeks and even months for more senior level roles. We always recommend staying open to listening and at times exploring new opportunities.

One should never get too complacent. In today's environment, often times candidates are displaced due to layoffs, M&A's and circumstances beyond their control. Therefore it is essential for candidate's to be prepared. We suggest that candidates keep their resume up to date and their interviewing skills sharp.

Why should I work with a recruiter?

A recruiter can speak with their HR Business Partner and or the Hiring Manager directly on your behalf and can highlight your pharmaceutical skill sets that are appropriate for the role. They can also be instrumental in negotiating with the client your specific needs.

Does the recruiter that I work with have to live in the state in which I reside?

No. Many recruiters work national and international accounts.

How often should I contact my recruiter?

You should have an open relationship with your recruiter and they should welcome your calls. Together you should set a timeframe as to when you can expect to hear from one another.

Should I work with different recruiters or only one?

You should work with a select few that can best represent you and your skill set. If you are in the pharmaceutical, biotech or device industries it would be best to find a recruiter in your niche area. You should also have each recruiter ask you for your permission to send your resume to their clients. This allows you to keep track as to where your credentials are being submitted as to not duplicate efforts of where your resume is being sent.

How long does it take to go through the interview process?

The process may start with a phone screen and then move to a face-to-face. On average you should expect a 2 to 4 week time frame for the initial process. To get from interview to hire can take as many as 6 to 8 weeks depending on the location and available calendar schedules.

Should I submit my resume into company portals?

As a pharmaceutical search firm, we suggest that you first try to identify a pharmaceutical or biotech recruiting firm that works directly with the hiring manager or HR Business Partner of the company you are interested in working for. We often hear complaints from candidates that they feel they never get acknowledged when they apply directly to the portals.

Can you help me prepare my resume?

We are niched in pharmaceutical and biotech recruiting thus we provide a reference to a third party service that specializes in this industry for resume and CV writing.

Who pays the recruiter’s fees?

Typically the hiring company pays the recruiter their fees. You should ask your recruiter before you begin working with them.

Do you prep me for my interview?

We are pharmaceutical recruiters who take the time to provide career coaching. You should ask the recruiter you are working with if they provide these services.

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