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Search Engine or Search Firm Which best represents you

So you have decided that it is time to explore new career opportunities for yourself. Are you going to rely on a search engine, which infiltrates the job boards, or rely on a job board to filter your key words and then filtrate your CV through cyberspace? Or are you one of those rookie recruits who mass emails their CV and posts it on the Internet for everyone including your current employer to view?

The answer should be no to all of the above questions. You should use the search engine to identify a respectable search firm who will represent your best interests to their clients and who will assist you with networking the proper channels to secure your next interview.

I am amazed at how many professionals mass email their CV's or worse yet post their CV’s on a job board. With the risk of identity theft I am most amazed when candidates post their CV’s with their personal information displayed. There are many clinical CV’s which list very personal information with the candidates home address, social security number, date of birth and names of their spouses along with each of their children’s names and ages. Where does this CV with this information go once the candidate hits send?

Your resume is who you are. It is an identification vehicle, which describes who you are and what you have accomplished with your career. You need to respect your CV and find proper  representation. If you needed a lawyer to represent you, would you hire him and let him handle your case you without speaking to him first? Would you go online and just submit your case and hope that the appropriate actions are taken? Of course not. You would find the most qualified attorney specific to your needs. Most likely you would find a friend or colleague who could refer you to one they had used for themselves. The same goes for a search firm. You need to identify or better yet, be referred to a firm, which best represents, your niche within the industry.

I was prompted to write this piece after hearing a redundant scenario. A hiring manager of a clinical department from a major pharmaceutical firm informed me that an employee of his company had posted his CV out “there” and it found its way back to his boss’s desk. Now of course you can post your CV keeping your personal contact information discreet. But you would be surprised at the number of candidates who blind their contact information and then use their company email address for a reply or those who leave their abstracts or publications listed on their CV which includes their name. One does not need to be a detective to figure out whom the CV belongs to.

 Get Representation

Always keep your Rolodex updated with a trusted recruiter. You should have a few good contacts of recruiters who will inform you of what is going on in the industry and who will keep you abreast of new opportunities as they arise. The best time to look for a new job is when you have a job. You should always keep your CV up to date as to be prepared to explore new avenues at any given time. You never know when the phone will ring or when an email will be delivered with an opportunity of a lifetime attached.

Know the process

Many professionals have never used a search firm in finding employment and some after 20 years find themselves seeking Agency advice. When the time comes to use a recruiting agency, you should do the following:

 • Identify a search firm that represents your specialty area within your industry. I always recommend getting a referral from a trusted colleague who has had good representation. 

• Visit the agency’s website and read their testimonials. Learn about their services and review the jobs which they have posted on their website. Make sure that they are in your industry and represent your particular skill set.

 • Schedule time to speak with an Agency representative to find out what they can do for you and hold a Q&A forum to get to know each other. Gain each other’s trust.

• Ask them to outline for you what their process will be in assisting you with your job search. You don’t want a paper pushing service. You want personal and professional representation.

 • Keep a log of the recruiters you have chosen to work with and with whom they have sent your CV. This is very important. Know with whom your information is being shared.

 • Do not mass email your CV.

Our firm will not work with candidates who mass email their CV or who post on boards. We feel as though that candidate is not handling their career search in a professional manner. A reputable firm takes pride in providing service to you. Our firm recognizes that our clients are our most important assets.

 We provide staffing solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and CRO industries maintaining our niche in clinical research, clinical development and medical affairs. Our reputation for providing professional and efficient searches has won us the confidence and trust of small to medium sized organizations to Fortune 500 firms. Our concern is to assure that our clients will be favorably impressed with the quality of applicants introduced for consideration, and by the level of performance of those who are hired. Our goal is to continue to develop our resources and cooperate with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations to professionally network within the industry unveiling qualified applicants in a timely and efficient manner.

We continue to measure our record of success against our personal standards, which are built upon an approach hallmarked by professionalism and integrity. Our affiliations with colleagues in the industry share our professionalism, high ethical standards and sincere dedication to the recruitment of quality candidates.

 "Our Search is YOUR Success." Don’t settle for less.

Published in February , 2005